Turkey Salad with Orange and Arugula

Ingredients for Making Turkey Salad with Orange and Arugula

  1. Turkey fillet 200 g
  2. Orange 1 pc.
  3. Arugula 50 g
  4. Oil (olive, vegetable) for frying and dressing
  5. Sesame 1 table. a spoon
  6. Soy Sauce 50 ml
  7. Salt to taste
  8. Greens (parsley, mint) 2-3 branches
  • Main Ingredients: Turkey, Orange
  • Portion2-3


Knife, Cutting board, Hammer, Paper napkins, Salad bowl, Deep plate, Stove, Frying pan, Culinary spatula, Spoon

Making turkey salad with orange and arugula:

Step 1: Marinate Turkey Meat ...

To give poultry meat a particularly interesting flavor, marinate it in soy sauce. But in order - we’ll rinse the fillet, clean it from the films and cut into small pieces. To make the meat better absorb the marinade and become softer, gently beat the pieces on both sides with a special hammer. Pour soy sauce into a deep plate, put turkey slices into it, mix and leave to soak for half an hour.

Step 2: Prepare the ingredients.

We wash the orange and greens. Remove the peel from the orange, remove the white connective films and divide it into segments. Slices can be cut in half or left as is, if the orange is not large. Dry the greens by shaking, remove the lower coarse parts of the stems, and finely chop the remaining leaves. Arugula can be left unchanged. We put the pan on the stove and set the burner on fire. Pour sesame seeds into a frying pan and fry them until light golden in color, without adding oil. The meat has already been pickled, we take it out of the plate and dry it with paper napkins. After frying the sesame, the pan can not be rinsed if the seeds are not burnt, but greased immediately with olive oil and put on fire for heating. In a hot pan, spread the pickled turkey meat and fry it on all sides until golden brown. You will spend about 4-5 minutes on this. We take out the slices with a slotted spoon, drain the excess oil, and put them on a plate where the meat will cool before adding to the salad.

Step 3: Cook the turkey salad with orange and arugula.

A large beautiful salad bowl is gradually filled with ready-made ingredients - pieces of turkey, orange and greens - arugula, parsley and mint. Add salt and spices to taste and mix. Salad ready!

Step 4: Serve the turkey salad with orange and arugula.

Before serving, you need to sprinkle the salad with sesame seeds and serve separately. If you season salad, then it will lose its beautiful bright appearance. As a dressing, serve in a separate gravy boat soy sauce and olive oil. Such a salad is good as a light breakfast or a side dish for more hearty dishes. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - The ingredients can be changed - turkey for chicken, orange for grapefruit, etc.

- - Salad meat can be boiled in salted water with the addition of bay leaves and black pepper peas. This will enhance the aroma and taste of meat.

- - Orange peel can be used for other dishes.

- - Sesame can be removed from the recipe or replaced with chopped nuts. However, remember that nuts have more calories.