Tomato sauce for fish

Ingredients for Making Tomato Sauce for Fish

  1. Carrots (medium) 1/2 pieces
  2. Parsley 1 small bunch
  3. Onion 1/2 pieces
  4. Vegetable oil for frying
  5. Butter 1 tablespoon
  6. Wheat flour (premium) 1 tablespoon
  7. Tomatoes 3-4 pieces
  8. Fish broth 2 glasses
  9. Salt to taste
  • Main Ingredients Tomato
  • Serving 2 servings


Gas stove, Pan, Blender, Strainer, Sharp knife, Wooden spoon, Grater, Cutting board, Tea spoon

Preparation of tomato sauce for fish:

Step 1: prepare the vegetables.

We take carrots, wash it thoroughly under cold water and peel it with a knife, then rinse again. Three carrots on a medium grater. Put it aside. We clean onions, rinse under water and finely grind with a knife on a cutting board. Next, take a small bunch of parsley and wash it under cold water. Shake it lightly from the water and chop it with a knife on a cutting board.

Step 2: take the tomatoes.

Tomatoes for sauce must be taken ripe with a pronounced aroma. The result of the preparation of the sauce largely depends on this. We need tomatoes peel and seed. This can be easily done as follows. Carefully make X - shaped cuts on the vegetables with a knife and put them in a pan. Then, pour the tomatoes with boiling water, hold for a couple of minutes and spread them on a plate with a spoon. The skin has become easy to separate from the pulp. Separating it, cut the tomatoes on a cutting board into slices and cleanse the seeds with a teaspoon or knife. Next, peeled tomatoes grind in a blender to a homogeneous mass.

Step 3: Cook the sauce.

We put finely chopped onions, fresh parsley and grated carrots in a saucepan with warmed vegetable oil, add wheat flour and mix everything thoroughly. Fry in a saucepan over medium heat 3 - 5 minutes. Then, add the tomatoes chopped in the blender and pour the fish broth, salt everything and mix thoroughly. Cook 8 - 10 minutes over medium heat, constantly stirring with a wooden spoon.

Step 4: filter the sauce.

Remove the sauce from the heat and filter him through a sieve, simultaneously wiping boiled vegetables. Next, add the butter to it and mix until the butter is combined with the tomato sauce. Tomato sauce is ready for fish!

Step 5: serve the tomato sauce to the fish.

We put the cooled tomato sauce from the pan into the sauceboat and serve. The sauce is perfect for dishes of boiled or steam fish. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - The sauces are stored better in a cold form at a temperature below 10 degrees, under such conditions they do not lose their taste and aesthetic qualities for up to two days.

- - For tomato sauce, tomato varieties with a large volume of pulp relative to the volume of seeds are best suited.

- - You can also use canned tomatoes for the sauce.

- - When choosing tomatoes for tomato sauce, pay attention to the fact that they are whole (not crushed).