Enjoy Wine Wednesdays at Little Market Brasserie

The new tasting menu makes it a little easier to get through the week

Little Market Brasserie now offers a four course menu for Wine Wednesdays.

The first part of the week is always the hardest to get through. Mondays and Tuesdays can drag so badly that it feels like an accomplishment just getting to Wednesday. So why not reward yourself for making it so far?

Little Market Brasserie has begun a Wine Wednesday program to give Hump Day that extra boost. Diners can get a four course dinner complete with wine pairings. Choices are available for each course, taken from the restaurant’s usual menu. Go for the mushrooms on toast or deviled eggs for a first course, then try the oxtail ravioli or the pan-seared scallops. No combination will be wrong.

The Wine Wednesday menu is available for $45 per diner. So indulge and cruise through the rest of the week!

Watch the video: Oui! Wine Bar Restaurant makes its debut (January 2022).